tyler davidson
Born on October 30, 1984, Tyler became the youngest member of the Davidson family that already consisted of his mother, father and older sister. Growing up, he always considered himself a pretty normal kid and like most of his friends he liked running around, getting dirty and playing any and all sports. Even though his parents instilled in both of their children that getting a good education was important, Tyler was more likely to be outside on the football or baseball fields rather than sitting in a classroom. With grades just good enough, his parent's let him stay on his school football team throughout junior and some of high school because it gave him an outlet.

His freshman year of high school led Tyler to the first taste of what would become his career. After waiting too long to finalize his school schedule, and the need for an elective, Tyler found himself signing up for a drama class. He sort of figured out it would be an easy grade, and enough to keep his parents and coaches off of his back regarding his grades. At first he kept to doing things behind the scenes where he couldn't be seen or heard, but one day one of the kids didn't show up for a play practice and the teacher handed him a paper with five lines on it. He was nervous as hell. His heart was pounding and his palms were sweating as he stood on the stage under bright, hot lights. But he managed to get through his five lines without flubbing too badly and after he finished, Tyler could admit that he liked the adrenaline rush and almost couldn't wait to be back out there again soon. A leg injury would eventually force him out of football for the season, which led to having more free time that he started spending inside the school theatre.

From there, Tyler started to push his parents to let him try acting more serious since playing sports wasn't going to work out. They were reluctant at first, especially knowing that they would have to travel to give him any real chance. Plus there was no guarantee that he was good at it or would even stick with it once he found out how difficult it could be. But after much convincing, the Davidson's decided to give it a shot. Signing with a local talent agent led to a couple of local commercials, which eventually led to trips to NYC where he auditioned and landed a small role on Guiding Light. After that Tyler was pretty much hooked. He started to travel between New York and Los Angeles for countless auditions and a lot of rejections, but also started to have some successes in both TV and film. While being away from his friends and family was difficult, he knew that it was just something that he would have to learn to deal with if he wanted to make acting his career for a good long time.

As the years have gone by, roles have started to come more quickly as Tyler has established himself more and he has been able to be a little more picky about roles that are taken versus ones that are passed on. But with all the success he has had, the one downside he has learned to deal with is the attention from others that he started to get. If asked, Tyler never set out to be famous. Not really at least. For a guy from a small town, the outside attention can be a little overwhelming when all he would rather do is something simple like hang out with his friends or go to the movies. But dealing with that part of fame has really been a small price to pay to do something where he learns something new all the time and where he's really and truly happy for the first time in his life.
the basics
birth name: Tyler Douglas Davidson
birthdate: October 30, 1984
age: 30
hometown: Lakeland, TN
resides in: Nashville, TN & Los Angeles, CA
occupation: Actor
marital status: Single
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
parents: Karen (mother), Jon (father)
siblings: Christina (sister, age 37)
Guiding Light    
2000 ... Andrew (3 episodes)

2000 ... Andrew (2 episodes)

Law and Order    
2003 ... Justin Capshaw

2004 ... Miles Anderson 2 episodes)

Veronica Mars    
2006 ... Kurt (1 episode)

Sons of Anarchy    
2008-2014 ... Jackson "Jax" Teller

The Slaughter Rule    
2002 ... Roy Chutney

House of Wax    
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The Covenant    
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2016 ... The Huntsman (post production)

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Wonder Woman    
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