09:31 pm - 02/24/2016

Tyler Davidson Earning a Diva Rep?

Is Tyler Davidson earning a diva reputation on the set of the new Wonder Woman movie?

The Sun (lolz) has learned that the Sons of Anarchy hunk, who plays Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor, has been leaving a lot to be desired with the British crew that are working on the film. While shooting scenes in Hertfordshire and Essex, his demands are starting to overshadow his acting.

A film insider has been quoted as saying that Tyler has been a royal diva and is becoming a pain in the ass. "He's been demanding special treatment and asks for meals that aren't on the catering menu. He also insists on all of his meals being brought to his trailer and flat out refuses to get involved with anyone. All of the other lead stars are hanging out with the crew but him. It's staring to get really awkward."

Reports say that the film's director, Patty Jenkins, and the film's female stars have been more friendly and accommodating to their co-workers than Tyler is. The film insider added: "The girls have made a real effort to get to know the crew, they're super friendly and have even been seen socialising after hours. They all smile for the cameras when on-set pictures are taken but Tyler always looks miserable."

I KNOW it's the Sun, so take all this with a grain of salt. What say you, ONTD?


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24th-Feb-2016 09:56pm (UTC)
Eh, he's too whitebread boring to be a diva.
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24th-Feb-2016 10:13pm (UTC)
lol poor guy is very boring, did his PR leak this story to make him seem more exciting? I feel like he peaked on SoA, oop.
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24th-Feb-2016 10:40pm (UTC)
I feel like he peaked on SoA, oop. <- AIN'T THAT THE DAMN TRUTH. His career choices confuse me sometimes (I mean, Warcraft? Is anyone checking for a Warcraft movie now?). Don't get me wrong, I get why he chose WW, but some of his other choices are just so weird.
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24th-Feb-2016 11:02pm (UTC)
for real. I kind of wish he'd go back to tv though. He was good on SoA, plus NEVA4GET when we got him/Gia Alvarez in a scene together!

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24th-Feb-2016 11:16pm (UTC)
i hope these rumors are true.
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25th-Feb-2016 12:22am (UTC)
lol these rumors about the two of them keep popping up. i wonder if either of them will ever cop to it.

on topic: he seems pretty laid back, idk if i believe him being an ahole.
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24th-Feb-2016 10:55pm (UTC)
lol does he even have pr people? i feel like you never hear anything about him..
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24th-Feb-2016 10:20pm (UTC)
idk i have a hard time believing this. he seems like he's been pretty friendly on other sets. there's plenty of pics of him with fans/crew/co-stars. if it is true, maybe something else is going on?
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24th-Feb-2016 11:34am (UTC)
I met him one night at a bar a couple of weeks ago. He was with a couple of people and my friend really wanted to meet him (and lbr, so did I;)). He seemed nice - if a little standoffish but it might've been because my friend was really drunk and trying to hang all over him. She was a little embarrassing after too much tequila. She later told me she groped him but I don't know if she was drunk and just thought she did or if she actually did. But he seemed nice, he took pics with people anyone asked and seemed pretty chill (even while being manhandled by drunk girls). He's hot in person.

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24th-Feb-2016 11:58pm (UTC)
gurl, you know someone's going to ask you how he smelled...be prepared!
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25th-Feb-2016 04:20am (UTC)
lol he posted some cryptic tweet on his twitter! and i think he also jumped into the tori casillas/jaimie alexander ~drama~. of course, he's sticking with tori/dc which makes sense. but how did i not know he had a twitter??!
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