a chance meeting.

September 8, 2014

It starts innocently enough as a chance meeting outside of the premiere for Sons of Anarchy's last season. He's wearing a gray suit, hair perfectly styled and sunglasses covering his blue eyes while he smiles and laughs his way down the red carpet. Towards her. Pressed up against a steel barricade with other fans, she's holding tightly to her phone and leaning over as far as security will let her. Her palms are sweaty and her heart is pounding so loudly that she's sure everyone around her can hear it but she doesn't care. These other fans don't know that the two of them are meant to be.

He just needs to see it.

He's a few feet away suddenly, signing pictures and things that are shoved into his hand with a black sharpie, bending down to take pictures with the lucky ones at the front of the barricade as they hold their phones and cameras out. A security guard keeps close to him just in case anyone gets too overzealous. It's loud and hot in the LA sun but she doesn't care. She'll just have to melt into a puddle of goo if it means getting some face to face time with him.

When it happens, she's sure that time stops for a good solid minute. He's taller than Google says as he reaches around and over her to sign as many things as he can, even as the security guard gently but firmly tries to push him along. She's shoved up against the barricade by the crowd of people behind her and even though it hurts her ribs, she doesn't care because this is her moment. She is sure they make eye contact even through his too dark sunglasses and he smiles in her general direction as she holds onto a picture for him to sign. He has a sharpie in hand and asks her name - HER NAME!! - before he scrawls his signature on the glossy photo paper. She can't really think with how loud it is, along with the fact that Tyler Davidson is actually standing right in front of her. She manages to stutter out a question about taking a picture and he nods, even though security is standing beside him and looked more than anxious to keep him moving. But she doesn't care - this is her time. They're meant to be. He takes her phone from her, presses the button for the front facing camera and bends his tall frame down so they can both for into the frame. She smiles brightly and thinks, 'yes, this is it.'

It's over in a blink as he hands her phone back to her and thanks her. She stammers out a thank you of her own and clutches the phone against her chest after a quick glance at their picture. She thinks they look good together. They look like they belong together. She is sure that he'll remember her the next time they meet.

Her excitement dims a little as she watches him make his way to the end of the red carpet, surrounded by some of the other cast members. She frowns when another woman sidles up to him. There's something intimate in the way they look at each other that no one else seems to notice. She wants to yell, scream and possibly claw the woman's face off but manages to restrain her anger as he's swept up into a group of other people and everyone starts to disappear inside of the theatre.

'It's okay.' She thinks and tries to breathe deeply as the fans behind her begin to disperse. They just need to get to know one another so that he'll be able to see that she's the one for him, that's all. Looking down at her phone, she quickly posts the picture of the two of them to instagram with a host of hashtags behind it so people will see it. As she's walking back to her car, she starts planning for their next meeting.

It's just a matter of time.