new year's eve.

"Is it weird?"

He looks over his sister as she leans back against the kitchen counter, a beer in her hand while he pulls out more drinks and snacks for the party that's taken over his living room for New Year's Eve. Laughter and sounds of the tv filter in but other than that, Tyler and Christina are pretty much free to talk amongst themselves without anyone overhearing them. "Is what weird?" He asks as he reaches around her for a beer of his own.

"Her being here. It being New Year's, all that junk."

Tyler has to resist the urge to roll his eyes because he knows his sister means well. She's older than him and has always been protective of him, even when they annoy the shit out of each other. Her protectiveness has only gotten worse as he achieved a little bit of fame. She worries, even when there's nothing to worry about. Tyler doesn't roll his eyes (because he knows it'll earn him a punch to the shoulder) and just shakes his head instead. "Not at all," He tells her as he pops the top on his beer and takes a long drink. He has an inkling that his sister wants to have a serious conversation and he needs to have a little more alcohol in his system if it's going to happen. "It's not weird. We've hung out before and it hasn't been a big deal. And I know this might be a huge shock but we are adults who can manage being friends."

Christina flips him the bird but laughs as she does it. "Don't get smart with me, jerkface. I just worry about you and wants you to be happy," She says as she takes another drink.

"You worry over nothing," Tyler says as his fingers pick at the label on the bottle. Maybe he should switch to something stronger. “And did you just call me jerkface? Are you 10?"

She laughs again and this time she does reach out to give his arm a punch. "Shut up!"

"Shouldn't you be out there flirting with your boyfriend anyway? Who, I might add, I actually like and do NOT worry about."

"Hey! I liked her!" Christina exclaims not-so-quietly and Tyler winces because he's pretty sure she just yelled during a commercial break and a lull in conversation from the living room.

He can only sigh and picks up a six pack of beer to take with him back into the living room. "Sounds does carry in this place, you know." He says drily.

His sister turns a little bit red and moves around him to grab a couple of things to carry in an effort to make him look like a good host. "Sorry. But I did, and do like her. I just didn't know if it'd be weird hanging out with your ex on New Year's Eve." She stops a few steps from him and gives him a look, “Wait…do you really like Aaron?"

Ah, yes - the boyfriend. Tyler kind of wants to tease her about how earnest and a little worried she looks about wanting his opinion on her boyfriend. They've been together for several months and seem ridiculously happy together and Tyler can't help but be happy for his sister. She's never really asked for his opinion on her relationships before even though the two of them are close but there's just some things they don't talk about. Plus, it's not like Tyler is all that awesome at his own relationships so who is he to give his opinion on hers? But he's hung out with Aaron a few times and actually really does like the guy. He's funny, nice, has a good job with a steady income and seems to really care about his sister. What more could a brother want for his sister? Tyler can usually smell a jerk from a mile away and Aaron seems like good people. He tells Christina that and watches as her whole face lights up and she visibly relaxes when she realizes that her relationship has his approval (not that she really needed it, after all).

The two of them head back into the living room where conversations have resumed, along with one of the New Year's Eve specials on tv. If anyone heard part of their conversation, no one says anything and instead all start reaching for the various snacks and drinks they've brought out. Christina ends up on the couch next to her boyfriend and Tyler slides down into one of the other vacant seats around the living room. They're all loud and on their way to being more than a little drunk but it's fun and relaxes and he's glad he decided to invite friends over. As starting a new year went - it wasn't bad to start 2016 off with good friends and family.