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tdavidson just being cool and ~suave~ on a Sunday, as one does. #sundayfunday #photoshoot #idkeither

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jnnr how much hairspray and gel do you use?!

daybreak89 lol omg

loislanekent3 on a sidenote, your eyes look amazing in this😍

hungaru super serious picture...with that hair lmao😝

codyl187 I'm just impressed at the level of smizing in this picture. You've been watching ANTM again, haven't you? #tyrawho

tdavidson @codyl187 haters gonna hate, my friend. you only wish you could have a head of hair this great.

jojo1994 you were soOoOoo good in wonder woman!

tylerdavidsonsource are you still filming the neil armstrong movie?

ohwonderland still 🔥🔥🔥

tdavidson @tylerdavidsonsource yep!

tylerdavidsonsource @tdavidson awesome, can't wait!

peachleeeee i can't figure out if it's just gravity or if you use a ton of product...

aphador you could be bald and still be hot, just sayin'.

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