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tdavidson got my ears lowered just a bit ✂️ Somewhere, someone is saying "it's about damn time!" #bluesteel #smize

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jnnr omg 💕

daybreak89 YAASSSS

loislanekent3 are you going to be in wonder woman 2?? #pleasereply

tdavidson @loislanekent3 I'm not sure! I would like to re-live the 1980's though.

hungaru wow that's quite a difference

codyl187 I leave you alone for a few weeks and this is what happens? You leave LA, move across the pond and cut off all of your hair. You're going to come home with a fancy British accent aren't you? j/k, miss you bud! Hope to see you soon. #bluesteelwho

tdavidson @codyl187 quit hating and come visit me already. I have a list of pubs we need to try. call you later!

jojo1994 you were soOoOoo good in wonder woman!

tylerdavidsonsource nice! for a new role?

ohwonderland 🔥🔥🔥

tdavidson @tylerdavidsonsource maybe!😉 and it was getting a little crazy..and hot. I forgot how hot long hair could get. (idk how women do it.)

tylerdavidsonsource @tdavidson such a tease;) and exactly why I keep mine short. thanks for replying!

peachleeeee holy shit it looks like you lost 15 pounds just from the hair cut!

aphador nooooo!

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