Behind the scenes of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman gave Tyler Davidson a firsthand look at the flip side of female objectification in Hollywood.

ET’s Nischelle Turner spoke to the 32 year old - who has a nude scene meant to be deliberately objectifying in the movie - about the experience.

"I've done nude scenes before and I think there's a misconception that it's just easy to whip off my clothes but it's really nervewracking! But I did work out a lot to make sure I'd look as good as possible. I was pretty conscious of the fact that there would be an audience seeing that on a 40 foot screen. I was the guy off to the side doing push up's right before they yelled 'action' and I don't even care - I wanted to make sure everything looked good and tight," Davidson laughed.

But it was an eye opening shoot for the star who said, “You know, I understand it now. Women are objectified so much and it's about time that men experience even a fraction of what they have to put up with. Was it fun to be objectified for the day? Of course! But at the same time, I did come out of it feeling compassion for how women feel like they're less important or being marginalized."

Tyler also pointed out that while a man being questioned about being objectified may seem unusual, it’s also a sign of how far the industry has to go. "I've gotten asked a lot during this press tour about what it's like to be a "damsel in distress" and I get it, it's funny in some ways. But an actress would never get that question because it's demeaning but with me, it's funny. And I get it, really. I don't take offense to it either," He explained.

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"I loved working with Gal - she has such a light about her, on top of being tough and strong and funny. We spent lots of time in-between takes goofing off and making each other laugh during takes. I think us being close and comfortable with each other, in turn, makes Steve and Diana's relationship more real. It definitely helped when it came to acting with Gal. Hopefully that resonates with people when they see it on the screen." -- Tyler @ AOL Build