"Taylor Sheridan, who I worked with on Sons of Anarchy, wrote such an amazing story and I feel really lucky to have gotten the chance to work with him again. I'm also lucky because I got to work with Ben (Foster) and Jeff (Bridges), which was a blast. They made me a better actor. For us to work so hard on this and for it to be recognized as one of the Best Pictures of the year is really special to me and something I'll never forget."

- Tyler on being a part of Best Picture nominee "Hell or High Water"

Tyler seen arriving in Paris and signing autographs ahead of the Balmain Homme 2017 show.

@tylerdavidson: press is funny. also how long can i get my hair this time?

From Tyler's twitter, interviews are starting for Wonder Woman! Too bad we won't get to hear/read them until closer to June. (no comments on his hair)

So I was having a pretty crappy day until I saw these pictures where Tyler looks pretty down until it starts snowing. So, you're welcome Tumblr. Enjoy Tyler being delighted by snow!

Tyler Davidson attends the 74th annual Golden Globe awards in a tux by Gucci. Tyler presented Hell or High Water as one of the Best Picture nominees.