#throwback to that time Tyler showed off his croquet ~skills~ with his friends. (p.s here's the video from the gifset, since I know I'll get asked!)

17.08.16 — Emile Hirsch x Logan Lerman x Max Minghella x Tyler Davidson

8/16/17- Tyler at the 16th annual Oscar De La Hoya Foundation Golf Classic @ Lakeside Golf Club  

The Huntsman: Winter's War - gag reel  

Diana Prince + Steve Trevor = OTP 4ever (well...maybe)  

"One of the major standouts in the movie is [Tyler] Davidson. It probably shouldn't be a surprise that Davidson is really good at playing the sort of character who wants to do the right thing but extenuating circumstances force his hand to do the exact wrong thing - see: every season of Sons of Anarchy. But it is a (nice!) surprise in Hell or High Water to watch him take scenes that could’ve been overplayed and still worked, but instead chose to peel back the layers of a man who is trying to right years of bad decisions with one good one."

-- from EW's review of "Hell or High Water"